The Office: Update

Friday, February 1, 2019
Hi Guys! Sorry Its been a couple of weeks since I've posted but I've been working hard "Tidying up" my house because yes...Marie Kondo got to me. Don't judge me because I know you too have been a victim of that dainty, vertically challenged Japanese woman. She just gets deep into your soul and makes you want to reorganize all of the things. 
Anyways..moving on. 
Just in case you forgot my main goal for the first part of this year was to makeover my downstairs living space into a craft room/ office that was bright, light, and comfortable. I originally had planned to demo our brick fireplace surround but have decided to forgo that project and instead paint my brick  white (Its currently whitewashed ). Our fireplace also has three shelves but I don't really like the way they look so I'm going to DIY some wood chunky shelves over them...but not today...not anytime soon because my miter saw is in the garage and it is -2 degrees here in western PA so basically not today Satan. 
Without further ado..Here's some pictures of the office as of today. 

 I bought these Ikea cabinets from someone on Let go for 50$ and its basically been my best purchase on a "for sell" app ever. They are in perfect shape and originally retail for hundreds of dollars so I couldn't believe I got them for so cheap.

My list of to dos for the office is still long but at least its usable space now!  
Still to do:
1. Paint fireplace white
2. Build chunky wood shelves
3. Paint brass surround
4. Office chair
5. Sew slipcover for couch

Lastly here are some inspiration pictures for my fireplace

Swoon, enter heart eye emoji here. 

Thanks for checking in, 


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