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Saturday, December 15, 2018

First you might need a little background about me so lets just cut to the chase. I got married in February of 2015 and by November of that year I was very pregnant with my first born and we were signing the paperwork to our very first home! Its a small, 1970's split level house that had already been "flipped". I say it like that because my husband and I got cinderella'd. Whats that you say? Oh that's where the dress (house), the carriage (electrical work) and the horses ( everything else) turned back to rags, pumpkins, and mice as soon as the house was ours. Sigh...
(This is our house the day we bought it...so dark, so not my style)
It was so pretty at first but then around every corner there was another random thing that was not done properly or broken, or just paint on a pig if I'm being honest. We were house virgins and it struck midnight really fast folks. 

(The entrance...Big plans for this coming up)
So being the dreamer, DIY'er, Pinterest and HGTV addict I was; I created my master plan for a overhaul to make our first home beautiful, functional, and easier to resell. That was 3 years ago. I've done nothing. Well except work full time, have two kids, and survive my husbands deployment but other than those minor things..I've done nothing. 

So here we are December of 2018 and we have serious plans to move in three years and also expand our family in a year so its do or die. I choose to DO! 

I'm excited, I hope you are too! Thanks for accidentally stumbling onto my blog when you were actually looking for "How to shiplap my entire house" or is that just what my last google search shows...

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