Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Friday, December 28, 2018
I'm pretty sure I'm just like every other person in the world and I love to decorate my house for the holidays! Its so pretty and festive; all the lights, garland, and shiny things make me so happy. I cant help but feel lighter and merrier during this season. I come home and instantly want to cuddle in my comfy clothes and drink hot cocoa. We listen to holiday music and watch holiday movies, then we go to sleep in our holiday PJ's.
Then the holidays are over and suddenly my house feels crowded and heavy and I know I have to take my decor down and I really really hate that part. I know its necessary but man its a pain in the butt. I also have two small children who literally doubled their toy count this Christmas and this OCD mama is struggling (STRUGGLING) to keep her cool with the added mess and clutter.
 It probably doesn't help that we spent the Christmas holiday at my sister in laws house. Her house is so open and clean and clutter free and she has 3 kids. I was just completely shocked. How did she manage to not have so much stuff? Is it just me or does stuff just triple overnight? I'm a minimalist living with a hoarder who attaches precious memory to every piece of stuff he owns. This is why I need more storage...we can keep the stuff, but we have to keep it stored and not crammed into every corner of every room of our very tiny house. I'm sure the majority of you can relate, am I right?

   I hope this finds you in good spirits and a clutter free home. Merry Christmas and Happy New year from my family to yours! Cheers to 2019, the year of the Sanchez house renovation (and maybe a little less stuff)
(photo by Melissa Lucci Photography)


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